About Danuta

Hello and welcome to Properties Unlimited !

If you are like most people who don’t fully understand all the complexities of the real estate business, at least be certain you know you can rely upon me to be reliable and professional. I don’t look upon myself as a real estate salesperson, as much as a person determined to help each and every customer find their perfect home or investment property. Call me today and see why I have won the respect of residents throughout Central Florida.

Who is Danuta?

Right now I help people make awesome decisions when it comes to making their dreams come true when they visit Central Florida and decide to make it a home…or a ” home from home” situation.
I am originally from the UK so I take advantage of everything Central Florida has to offer. When I am not making magic at my desk, you are likely to find me exploring nature, eating my way through Orlando and its surrounding suburbs or taking a drive along the Gulf Coast of Mexico (Western coasts of Florida)coasts.. My camera rarely leaves my site which brings me to coasts

Why Properties Unlimited?

I am easily accessible to the neighborhoods of Disney area, know the communities, understand the uniqueness of each community and I care about my fellow residents. My background as an educator, administrator and business owner provides my clients with a wealth of experiences. Your Realtor represents you.

Properties Unlimited Mission

As your Realtor represents YOU, compare before you choose for the following reasons:

  • Variable Commission
  • Quality and completeness of MLS Listing
  • Internet Marketing Efforts
  • Realtor.com Listing Presentation
  • Individual Property Website
  • References of Past Clients
  • Ability to deliver promised outcome

I would love to hear from you , so please leave me a message or a comment , I will look forward to that.

All the best

Danuta Pollard





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