Welcome to Central Florida

Welcome to Central Florida- the  “Unknown”
Thank you for visiting my website and taking the time to read my post on what this true wonderland has to offer. When I first visited Central Florida, I truly did not appreciate all that this popular destination has to offer. Whether you visit or live here, the first thing people do is to look up the things to do in Orlando (via google ‘university’) you will always get the same results – Disney, Universal, Sea World, Gators and so on. But there is so much more to do and see in Florida which is the ‘’Unknown” to those who visit with their families so that they can create memories one would look back on for years to come.


The Seven Wonders of Florida

For those who want to learn more of the ‘’out of Disney’’ attractions consider the following landmarks:

The Overseas Highway also known as the southernmost leg of U.S. Highway 1 and the contemporary wonder. It stretches from Miami to Key West, making it one of the most memorable road trip.

Florida’s Coral Reef. Formed some five to seven thousand years ago. According to some estimates, reef growth is slow ranging from one to sixteen feet every thousand years.

Bok Tower stands tall and named after Edward Bok and in memory of his grandmother. Also, known as the ”singing ” tower.

Everglades National Park -The Everglades marks the nation’s one and only subtropical wilderness and a place where few dare to venture. Although it is often pictured as a huge swamp only inhabited by large alligators and snakes, it could be considered more of a forest the perfect habitat of wide range of birds and forms of wildlife.

Kennedy Space Center- the name of NASA’s launch operation center was re-named to honor John F Kennedy, United States 35th president.

The Skyway Bridge over four miles long is an architectural delight. It connects two counties namely Pinellas and Manatee, Soaring 183 feet above Tampa Bay.

Historic St Augustine – Nation’s oldest town which survived five centuries of history, over 435 years.  



The bright side of Central Florida – Why would you live here?
Many Visitors who experienced what Florida has to offer never want to leave. They become residents or so called Snow Birds who escape the winters here in the sunshine!

The Walt Disney Company has turned central Florida into a real gold mine paradise. The company opened their doors in 1971. Since then the Orlando area has become Disney’s playground for magic, nostalgia, and designed experiences. The mid-1990s, was a mile stone for Disney experimentation with a self-contained neighborhood, a planned community called Celebration. Whilst real people bought properties and live in Celebration, it was the start of many other ”designer neighborhoods” of Central Florida. These communities accommodate all kinds of residential lifestyles, designs of properties and geographical diversity. From custom-built designs to a wide range of America’s top property developers bringing true masterpieces to the property forum.
Designer Life Style Florida!

First Stop: The concept of ‘’designer neighborhoods’’ has become a signature community throughout Florida and offered future buyers an abundance of choice, for example For the retired or retired to be, 55+ communities, the choice is yours…acres of walking trails, Miles of golf course playground, designer dream properties with the center of Disney fireworks at Florida Tequila Sunset
Second Stop : Club houses to host all kinds of interests imaginable from fitness fanatics, crafts, yoga, swimming, culinary skills and if you have an interest or a hobby that doesn’t fit your interest? YOU will be in charge of making it happen .                             

Take a look at the snapshots of some of the most beautiful, affordable properties just minutes from Disney. The neighborhoods mentioned here are: The Providence community, Ridgewood Lakes Del Webb, Reunion, Southern Dunes among many others. You will find some outstanding facilities for the whole family. All the above mentioned communities are furnished with 24/7 security, all have fantastic golf facilities, close to the International Orlando Airport and major highways, not to mention being just minutes away from Disney. There is something to do for all ages, creeds and more.



For the seaside lovers, Central Florida area is a gateway to, both, the Gulf of Mexico ( Western side) and the Atlantic ( Eastern side). There you will find the most beautiful beaches only 80 minutes away ( depending on which town you wish to visit). You can visit there for a day trip or stay longer! The abundance of motels, hotels and inns will surprise you, it is your choice. Either right on the beach or away from it, the seaside towns and resorts are spectacular.

The paradise awaits you!

Whether you have planned to visit Central Florida for the first time or planning to invest in a property, know that you can count on me to advise you and provide a comprehensive guidance.
Thank you for listening and look forward to hearing from you soon.


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